Go Local Wednesday in OKC

Today is ICBA’s #GoLocal Wednesday and we are celebrating! Go Local Wednesday is a monthly event hosted by the Independent Community Bankers of America which encourages community banks and their employees nationwide to give back to their communities by visiting their favorite local businesses on the third Wednesday of the month.  It can be something as simple as picking up lunch from the local place across the street instead of the big chain. When we all support businesses in our own neighborhood, we make an investment into making our communities that much better.


Click on the picture to see the difference when you spend $100 local versus non-local.

Here are just a few reasons to shop and dine local:

  • Shopping local keeps more money in our local economy.
  • Local businesses help give our community a distinct personality.
  • Local businesses are people sized, using less land and locating closer to residents which, in turn, create less traffic and pollution.
  • Choosing local cuts down on processing, packaging and transportation waste.



Keep It Local is a great resource for finding great local places and you can get some incredible deals too! It’s only ten dollars for a card and it doesn’t expire until next year! It’s so worth it.


We want to encourage you every day to shop local and if you’re deciding on where to go for dinner or thinking about getting some retail therapy, head to a local eatery or shop, and make a real difference in our community!

Next month for #golocal, we will start featuring local businesses once a month to help promote and celebrate the “go local” initiative. We hope that this will give you a chance to get better acquainted with small businesses which you may not be aware of in our area.

Follow us on twitter @myfirstliberty and follow the hashtag #golocal to find out more about the “go local” initiative.

Look for some great posts from us in April, which is Community Banking month!