Bedlam for Babies

BedlamForBabies_Title_110613As many of you know, we participated in Infant Crisis Center‘s Bedlam for Babies. Designed to use a little team spirit, we were excited to show our support both for Oklahoma football and babies in need.

Bedlam for babies 1

We decorated the boxes in the Bedlam spirit.10805569_10152426089416817_4064073338678317380_n (1)Even Maddie got excited about Bedlam for Babies. As we started gathering donations, it started getting very cold here in the Sooner State. Infant Crisis Center sent out a call for help. They needed coats! Since Maddie wears her winter coat all year long, she wanted to help her humans by being adorable and encouraging people to donate.


Mary, Clide and Kathy went shopping for coats for the babies.1146775_10152420796401817_252738887203797719_o10557658_10152420796161817_6703213395153644935_o10682420_10152420796246817_8740072897558306033_o10827909_10152420798036817_4023658007491252345_o


Maddie gets in the Christmas giving spirit

Mary and Amanda Bedlam for Babies Coat



Donna shows off a styling Hello Kitty jacket

10750119_10152437928516817_1348571421992056655_o  On top of the donations we are already collected and purchased, Sandy and Jim Willit donated over 20 coats! We were so blown away by the generosity of our community.

Donna N and Amanda Bedlam for Babies Delivery_edited-1

Amanda and Donna drop off the donations at Infant Crisis Center


The best part was, by the end of the drive, we had such a huge pile of coats it was impossible to tell which team won. What a great way to bring us all together and remind us of the important things, like taking care of the ones who need it the most.



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